Portfolio Advisory

About Us:

Established in 2009, Accretive Capital Advisors (ACA) is West Palm Beach-based and helps institutions and global wealth clients to rationalize private equity portfolios.  ACA leverages relationships with secondary sponsors, pension funds, and institutional investors to match best buyers with specific secondary LP interests, to fund unmet capital calls, and to auction entire portfolios to multiple buyers.  ACA mines optimum value when executing a partial or full liquidation of a portfolio by targeting the unique set of buyers for each asset.  With $1.3 billion in completed transaction volume, ACA is one of the more active specialists in secondary advisory.

Our Approach:

The keys to working towards a successful transaction with ACA are: 1. Establishing strong aligned interest with the client; 2. Identifying assets which need to be funded, liquidated, restructured; 3. Designing a structure and/or price expectation level that is achievable in the market and meets expectations of the client, its stakeholders and partners.

ACA Engagement Parameters:

Portfolio Assets of $75,000,000 (USD) or greater
Limited Partnership interests in well-known solid performing funds
Co-investments alongside high quality sponsors
A realistic expectation of pricing and value of the assets
Sophisticated clients who understand secondary investors' expectations

ACA customizes solutions to address each client's specific needs. It has engaged in the full liquidation of portfolios in excess of $500,000,000 (USD).  Engineered structured transactions of portfolios of clients who needed full funding of over $170,000,000 in capital calls from a large portfolio, and brought parties together to share the funding of capital calls through a complex structure, which included an intricate waterfall distribution schedule for each participant.

ACA fees vary per engagement, but typically include a reasonable management fee based on NAV of assets and a performance-based fee and bonus schedule that keep ACA perfectly aligned with the client.  Fees are commensurate with value attained. Fee and bonus are generated only when valuation threshold is met or exceeded.  ACA is committed to an aligned interest which achieves the best possible solution, price and distribution schedule for each asset.